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                                                 HOW TO TRACK YOUR GOALS

2015 has come to a close and 2016 is here.

 One way that I was able to achieve two of my goals is by writing out my goals everyday as if they have already been achieved. Some days I did not write. Some weeks I did not write. But, I kept going.

  In 2014 I tried this same method and gave up to soon, I didn't have any notable goals completed for that year either.  From my mentor I have learned: what gets measured gets accomplished. I have learned this first hand.

  There are also other methods out there. Some people prefer to do it by different means. If you have a way that has been successful for you, please share. 

1. My first 50 mile ultra marathon completed February 2015. I did this as a preparation for 100 miles, but after doing 50 miles... I changed my goal and was satisfied with 50.

2. My first tough mudder March 2015. I was asked to join a group. This wasn't a goal I had set for myself, but the challenge ended up presenting itself. I'm happy I did it, but it did take away a little from my focus on my other goals.

3. My first bodybuilding competition in the bikini division. I didn't do as well as I had wanted to. I met a lot of difficulty trying to complete this. I had multiple trainers and various meal plans. In the end I decided that ready or not I would compete by a set date and I did.

These are just examples of how changing goals or adapting to new ones can benefit you or cause you to lose focus.